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With this program, we provide physical therapy to those that are pregnant, but not experiencing any problems. We recommend beginning in the early 2nd trimester, but the earlier the better! It can be tough to learn new skills or address impairments with a big pregnant belly! 

If at any point between the scheduled sessions, you develop a problem that disrupts your quality of life (i.e. pain, incontinence, etc.), we can always see you more frequently and treat that problem.

You are not held to these 5 sessions! We will be there for you throughout the pregnancy journey! 

Session 1:

18-22 weeks

At this session, we review how pregnancy impacts your body and your pelvis. We do a thorough evaluation and identify factors we think you should work on. This could be areas of weakness, tension, or improper control. We do this just before or as your abdomen is starting to load on your pelvis.

Session 2:

25-30 weeks

As your abdomen grows, your pelvis and core are loaded differently. In this session, we ensure that you are maintaining good core and pelvic floor control despite your growing belly. We will also provide modifications for exercise and begin discussions on how to physically prepare for birth. 

Session 3, 4, 5:

35, 36, and 37 weeks

In the last 3 sessions, we talk all things labor & birth prep. If you've already taken a birth class or have a doula, these sessions will supplement what you're learning with them. We practice movements for labor progression, review how to move with an epidural, and teach you how to push. We also educate you on Cesarean birth, inductions, and hospital policies so you can be prepared for all situations. Lastly, we discuss safe postpartum movement and review stretches/exercises that you can begin immediately after birth. 

First Trimester

If you begin having problems before 18 weeks pregnant, we will absolutely see you for PT treatment. If you'd prefer to start as soon as possible even if you don't have a problem, we'd love to see you! 

The first trimester can be a tough time physically so if you'd prefer to wait or if you'd prefer to get started sooner, we're here for both journeys. 

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