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I worked with Sam to prepare to give birth, which turned out to be a game changer during labor and delivery. Sam taught me how to properly breathe while laboring and pushing, both during our sessions together and through the exercises she gave me to do on my own. When it came time for me to push, the providers on shift heavily pressured me to push on my back, holding my breath, which was *not* what felt safest for my baby or my body. Thanks to Sam, I knew that there was a better alternative for me and had the confidence to advocate for myself and my little guy, resulting in a successful delivery (pushing on my side while breathing the way Sam taught me) with no tearing. I'm again working with Sam postpartum and truly appreciate her thoughtful, whole-body perspective as she helps me to feel my best as a new mom. I highly recommend working with Sam, and I'll definitely do so again if I have another child! 

I started seeing Sam about 3 months postpartum after a vacuum-assisted birth and third degree tearing. I had never heard of pelvic floor PT and was admittedly skeptical, but I instantly felt comfortable with Sam. I saw fast results under her care (my pain improved after the first week of at-home exercises) and as a busy first time mom it made me feel good to prioritize my own well-being. She makes it easy to talk openly about sexual health and I appreciated her outspoken passion for accessibility in women's healthcare. I wish I'd started PT during my pregnancy, and plan to see Sam again during my next pregnancy.

It is difficult to convey in words how appreciative I am for the services Samantha Fazio provided. During my visits with her, she continuously supported, encouraged, and motivated me, all while being nonjudgmental. She is incredibly skilled, professional, and down to earth. She tailors therapy to the individual and is so very educated and intuitive in doing so. With ease, she removes discomfort and normalizes things that can be otherwise taboo in some circles and educates you on how common your therapy is. The tools Sam has put in my toolbox will stay with me for a lifetime. She has empowered me, inspired me, and instilled confidence for success and health. She has drastically changed my life for the better!! I could not be more pleased with my experience with Sam and I HIGHLY recommend her services!

When I was first told I had to go to pelvic floor pt, I was so confused what that even meant. I walked into my first session very nervous and uncomfortable, feeling completely unsure of what was going to happen. Very quickly, Jenna put me at ease. She was easy to talk to and walked me through what this type of physical therapy would entail and answered my silly questions without making me feel stupid. Over our time working together, Jenna has continued to make me feel comfortable. She is always sure to explain things to me in a way that is very comprehensible. I’ve become much more aware of my body and seen vast improvement in my pelvic floor pain. I’m very grateful for all of the time and patience Jenna has put into our pt sessions. 

Sam helped me so much when I started seeing her during my third trimester. I had been experiencing a ton of pelvic, hip and back pain during my pregnancy and it became unbearable. We worked through various exercises, stretches, and she coached me through homework to do on my own in between our sessions. In addition to this, Sam helped me prepare for my labor and delivery by teaching me breathing exercises, pushing positions and breathing strategies, and all around tips/tricks. Because of Sam I not only was able to feel relief from my pain, but I truly believe my labor and delivery experience was so positive due to our work together. I felt confident in my breathing techniques and ability, and was able to successfully birth my baby with minimal tearing. My recovery was quick and easy. Pelvic floor PT really helped me so much. I am so thankful I found Sam and will absolutely see her again the next go around. 

Sam is incredibly knowledgeable, thorough, and smart. Her assessment was more involved than any of the PT's I had seen previously, and she gave me unique exercises that helped me feel better quickly. Best of all, she is warm, kind, and so easy to get along with. Can't recommend her enough!

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