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Britt McCollum's birth classes combine up-to-date, research-based information with realistic guidance and support to encourage expectant families and parents to explore their options, prioritize their preferences, and develop usable skills for an empowering birth and postpartum experience.  


Intentional Birth was founded by two doulas with a "physiology first" mentality. They believe that a positive, gentle birth is every human's birthright, that birth isn't just about babies, and that women deserve full autonomy in decision-making, supported by trusting, loving, care. 


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Megan Furman is a licensed counselor specializing in perinatal mental health. She offers a warm and engaging approach to individual therapy with pregnant and postpartum parents who are dealing with anxiety, depression, anger, irritability, or difficulty adjusting to parenthood.

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Dr. Anna Fineberg is a licensed psychologist and certified perinatal mental health professional. Her areas of specialty include trauma, anxiety, perinatal mental health, and medical professional mental health. Dr. Fineberg understands that the road to becoming a parent can include unexpected challenges (e.g., grief/loss, birth trauma, postpartum depression/anxiety) and she is passionate about helping individuals with their mental health during this transitional time.

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Paige is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Perinatal Mental Health Certified provider that provides inclusive and specialized mental health therapy. She specializes in supporting individuals struggling with eating disorders, body image, prenatal and postpartum anxiety and depression, and athletes. 


Jennifer Kulka is a psychotherapist providing virtual therapy to survivors of sexual and relationship trauma. Contact Jennifer to find a safe space to heal and feel like yourself again.


Kathy is a psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker. She provides a warm and accepting space for her individual and couples therapy clients. Her specialties include working with people experiencing anxiety, perinatal mental health concerns, life transitions, grief, and relationship issues. 


Philadelphia Couples Therapy is the city's premier couples therapy practice comprised of doctoral-level clinical psychologists who specialize in relationships, intimacy, and sexuality. PCT's psychologists serve individuals, couples, and adult families and are trained to help clients with a wide array of concerns to find stability, growth and joy within themselves and their partnerships.


Brianna Dawson is an American Credentialing Center board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner and owner of Behavioral Wellness for Women. Specializing in perinatal mental health, she provides psychiatric evaluation and medication management to adult women with depression, anxiety, OCD, and PTSD. Her philosophy is that each person deserves individualized care that considers the whole person - this includes biological, psychological, and environmental factors. Brianna values a collaborative approach between patient and provider to ensure the best patient outcomes.



Hoping for an unmedicated birth? Planning to get an epidural? Scheduling a cesarean section? Whatever birth looks like for you, they are ready to provide non-medical and judgement free support. It’s simply a fact that birth can be unpredictable… and they get it, unpredictability might bring on feelings of anxiety. At their core, they wish for you to have a positive view of your birth experience. By reducing fear and instilling strength, they know how to help you achieve exactly that.


Paige has always been fascinated by what the female body is capable of. She finds it deeply rewarding to support a woman who is bringing new life into the world. She works in the Philadelphia area and is trained through DONA International. She is available for on-call birth doula support and day or overnight postpartum assistance for infants and new parents. She supports the birth person and family through the birth process and fourth trimester. She does her very best to make the transition from pregnancy to family as special as possible. 


For those who choose to work with Northern Star as their Birth Doula, Nicole is a fierce and strategic advocate, an educator, an empowered birth support partner, a guide, a reminder, a companion, an intuit, and even to some — she's been called a sister.  She believes in your innate wisdom & strength and your ability to tune into your body and birth boldly.



Ashley with Active Mom Fitness is a certified exercise physiologist with an advanced pre/post natal wellness practitioner certification. Through private and small group training, Ashley helps moms feel strong and confident through all stages of motherhood

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Alyssia is a Philly-based Physical Therapist (PT) and Yoga teacher that has created a unique method of treating clients through customized movement and wellness services that treat the whole person, not just the part that's injured or limited. Dr. Alyssia Pond, owner of ALYGN PT & Yoga, serves her clients in a holistic way that goes beyond traditional physical therapy or generalized yoga practices. She can safely guide you from rehab or recovery back to baseline, and beyond! Contact her through her site, and Align with Alyssia today.


Cloudline Physical Therapy provides orthopedic physical therapy in Philadelphia. Their model of treatment is predicated on continuity of care. Patients only work with their individual therapist. PTs at Cloudline utilize innovative perspectives for the management of pain and apply evidence-based practice for treatment of orthopedic conditions. Cloudline’s therapists combine clinical experience, attentiveness, and provide motivation to create programs set to accomplish your specific goals. They want to help you return to the activities you love!



Kelli is a Functional Nutritionist who is passionate about helping women to feel empowered in their reproductive health: fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum. She received her Masters degree in nutrition and works one-on-one with clients virtually. She provides personalized nutrition counseling—taking your individual needs and preferences into account—and has access to lab testing to explore nutrient status, hormone testing, gut health, and more.



For over 10 years, Caroline’s award-winning trauma-informed and empathy-based practice has helped women optimize and completely transform their physical, mental, emotional, and hormonal health.


For the last 20 years the Healing Arts Center has provided the Philadelphia & Southeastern PA region compassionate, evidenced based health care. They have a strong focus on providing the most up to date Acupuncture treatments, particularly for women’s health, fertility and chronic pain. They pride themselves in creating a warm, welcoming and empathetic environment; offering more complete care including guidance on herbal medicine, nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle modifications. 

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South Philly Wellness is a woman owned and operated, body positive, massage and bodywork practice. At SPW the focus is on helping women and nonbinary folks manage stress, relieve pain, heal trauma and feel empowered. Services include massage for preconception, prenatal and postpartum care, vaginal steaming for period pain, fertility support and birth recovery, scar tissue release, and community classes.



Melissa is a Philly-based maternity/newborn/family photographer with a light and airy style. She loves serving families and giving them memories they will cherish forever,. She's also responsible for all the pictures on the Pelvio website!



Carrie Deutsch is a licensed speech-language pathologist with over 12 years of experience in pediatrics. She specializes in late talkers, picky eaters, phonology/articulation, and receptive/expressive language. Carrie brings expertise, compassion, and an individualized approach to help young ones communicate and thrive.

She can be reached at the email link above or via phone at 



B.well tots provides holistic care, integrating lactation support, bodywork, and occupational, physical, and speech therapy to ensure quick progress in your little ones growth journey. Let us help you connect with one of our therapists who meets your child’s needs and is available to see you, virtually or in-person in your own home or our Philadelphia office.
Kelsey, owner and founder of B.well tots offers specialized care for babies with tethered oral tissues (TOTs) and brings 13 yrs of pediatric experience, extensive bodywork trainings, as well as airway and feeding specialties to the families we serve. 

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