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Dr. Samantha Fazio Semar PT, DPT, PHC she/her

Founder | Physical Therapist | Pelvic Health Certified

Sam graduated from Temple University with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2017. She began her career with a private outpatient company where she worked as an orthopedic therapist treating conditions ranging from sports injuries and post-op rehab to geriatric balance and gait disorders.


In 2018, Sam took her super feminism toward the pelvic health specialty beginning additional coursework and programs while working full time. She achieved her pelvic health certification in 2019 and quickly grew her pelvic caseload to a 2 month waitlist!


After treating through the hardest parts of the pandemic (people never stop having babies!), in 2021 Sam jumped briefly to hospital-based pelvic health physical therapy and quickly saw the issues with access across the pelvic healthcare system. She founded Pelvio PT in late 2021 as a way to improve patient access to care and to revolutionize pregnancy & post-partum rehabilitation in Philadelphia. 

Sam lives with her husband and daughter in Philadelphia. Among her many interests, you can usually find her dining in new restaurants around Philly, hanging with family in the park, or lounging on the couch watching Bravo and crocheting! 


Dr. Jenna Lewis PT, DPT, Ph.D, WCS, CLT she/her

Staff Physical Therapist | Board Certified Women's Health Specialist | Certified Lymphedema Specialist

After earning her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at Jefferson in 2018, Jenna completed an accredited Women’s Health Residency in pelvic health and lymphedema treatment at Good Shepherd Penn Partners. She obtained her Women’s Health Clinical Specialist (WCS) certification in 2020 and has experience treating a wide range of urinary and bowel dysfunctions, sexual dysfunctions, pelvic pain, and orthopedic issues such as hip and lower back pain. Jenna has a particular interest in working with patients who are pregnant or postpartum to minimize pain and help them achieve their personal goals. She is also a certified lymphedema therapist with experience treating cancer-related lymphedema and works with patients to maximize their function during and after cancer treatments.

Jenna’s own experience with pregnancy and the transition to being a new mama (during a pandemic, no less!) is the foundation for her approach to patient care. She is passionate about helping her clients obtain evidence-based care and advocate for their needs and preferences throughout pregnancy, labor and birth, and postpartum.


Jenna lives in Collingswood, NJ and can be found chasing her toddler, cooking, hiking, daydreaming about world travel, and visiting the farmer’s market. Jenna is thrilled to join the Pelvio team and looks forward to serving clients in both Philadelphia and New Jersey.


Dr. Nicole (Ludwig) Fernandez PT, DPT she/her

Staff Physical Therapist | Social Media Manager

Nicole earned her doctorate degree in physical therapy from Thomas Jefferson University in 2019 and began her career with a private outpatient company as an orthopedic therapist. This is where she began to develop her whole person approach to treatment and where she met Pelvio Founder, Dr. Samantha Fazio Semar. She realized that education in the pelvic health sphere would allow her to treat even more holistically as a PT and help more people heal more completely. Nicole has experience treating people with sexual dysfunction, urinary and bowel dysfunction, pelvic pain, as well as working with pregnant and postpartum people to optimize function, prepare for birth, and recover fully postpartum. Furthermore, as an orthopedic therapist Nicole has experience treating people with spinal conditions, as well as upper and lower body complaints.


Since becoming a pelvic health therapist in the summer of 2021, Nicole has realized the expansive scope of need for pelvic health care and she has become even more impassioned to advocate for pelvic health care/education everywhere! She couldn’t be more excited to join the Pelvio team in providing excellent pelvic health care to the city of Philadelphia.


Nicole lives in Philadelphia where she loves taking walks around the neighborhood with her husband, going out to eat, hanging out with friends, reading, cooking, and most of all-snuggling with her dog!


Dr. Caitlin Loughson PT, DPT she/her

Staff Physical Therapist

Cait graduated with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Arcadia University. She has experience treating patients with orthopedic injuries, gait/balance disorders, and neurological diagnoses. Cait initiated her Pelvic Health training in 2022 which further piqued her interest in the field. Her treatment model encompasses a holistic approach which means she will educate anyone who will listen about the importance of the pelvic floor working with the entire body!

Cait has a particular interest in treating pregnant and postpartum patients and those experiencing pelvic pain. In her personal experience of pregnancy and postpartum recovery during the pandemic, she found the transition back to fitness, sports, and daily activity especially overwhelming without guidance. She was also a strong advocate for her wife's birth journey and feels that everyone should have the tools to advocate for their pelvic health. She is excited and motivated to help her patients feel empowered in their journeys and fulfill their goals to return to the activities they love and enjoy.


Cait lives in Philadelphia with her wife and 2 daughters. She loves coffee, spending time outside, watching rugby, running/lifting weights, and lazy mornings that involve any and all brunch foods. She is thrilled to join the Pelvio team and provide optimal pelvic health care to the community in Philadelphia!

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