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Postpartum Rehab looks exactly like our traditional physical therapy course of care. Except in our version, we don't wait until problems arise. We believe that if you've had a baby, you need physical rehab - much like the expectation that you'd receive rehab after an ACL repair. 

0-6 weeks Postpartum

You don't have to wait to see a Pelvio Physical Therapist. We can help you immediately after birth! In the first 0-6 weeks, we can have an in-home or in-clinic session that is focused on how to move safely, gentle stretches to promote healing, and ways to protect yourself against future injury. We can assess your vulva or abdomen, but we will not palpate internally until you have been cleared by your medical provider. We believe that, by beginning immediately, we can reduce the risk of developing incontinence, prolapse, and pain. 

6 weeks postpartum & Beyond

If you have not been evaluated by a PT before 6 weeks, when you make your 6 week follow-up appointment with your birth provider, schedule your evaluation with Pelvio. We will evaluate your body differently than your birth provider. We look at the way you move, your strength, your range of motion, and your full core control. We assess all of this in your spine, hips, abdomen, ribcage, and pelvic floor. From there, we will develop a rehab plan for getting you back to whatever level of pre-pregnancy activity you want! 

Postpartum is Forever

We recognize that pelvic floor physical therapy is not always recommended by birth providers so it may be quite some time since you've given birth. Your body can always be rehabbed. There is always room to grow, get stronger, and make changes. 

Even if you've done rehab with Pelvio soon after your birth, our bodies change as we get older. It is possible you may need help in the future.

We consider ourselves your lifelong PTs! 

Mode of Birth Does Not Matter

Whether you've had a belly birth (C-section) or a vaginal birth, you still spent quite a long time being pregnant - growing a mechanical load in your abdomen, altering your center of gravity, changing the forces on your spine and pelvis. Being pregnant alone requires rehab! 

Plus, both a vaginal and belly birth come with muscle effects that can cause symptoms like incontinence, pain, and prolapse. Let's not wait! 

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